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Declaration of entity nomenclature and reference

This declaration ("Declaration") serves to establish the definitive nomenclature and referencing conventions pertaining to the entities associated with Rachna Academy of Career Education LLP along with its abbreviated form "RACE Group" and coaching division known as "Rachna Academy."

  1. Entity Identification:

    Rachna Academy of Career Education LLP is a legally registered limited liability partnership company.

  2. Abbreviated Term:

    The shortened term "RACE Group" is often utilized colloquially to denote Rachna Academy of Career Education LLP. Rachna Academy of Career Education LLP encompasses a coaching division recognized as the "Rachna Academy”. For the sake of simplicity and consistency within this document, the coaching division shall be denoted as "Rachna Academy." It is also hereby clarified that, for the sake of precision and uniformity, the official and preferred nomenclature remains "Rachna Academy."

  3. Document Referencing:
  4. Henceforth, throughout this document and any subsequent correspondences, communications, or references, the terms "Rachna Academy," "RACE Group," and "Rachna Academy of Career Education LLP" shall be used interchangeably to signify the coaching division of Rachna Academy of Career Education LLP. However, it is mandatory to consistently employ the term "Rachna Academy" in all contexts for precision.

    This Declaration has been formulated to obviate any potential ambiguity, misconstruction, or misrepresentation concerning the entities and divisions enumerated herein. All involved parties, stakeholders, and relevant entities are hereby instructed to employ the term "Rachna Academy" uniformly in all forthcoming documents, interactions, and communications to ensure accuracy and lucidity.

    By this Declaration, all parties concerned hereby attest to their understanding of the above stipulations regarding nomenclature and the commitment to utilize the term "Rachna Academy" as elucidated herein.